2018: 21 days of Painting your Grief


Creativity is the way i share my soul with the world- Brene Brown 

I am opening my 21 of Daily Creativity 'Painting you Grief' for this Sunday November 12th- a day after Remembrance Day. Painting with watercolours, we start our Journey with DAY 1 by painting a Poppy. 

With my Grief Project , I've made it my mission to open conversation around grief. To tap into whats painful and sorrowful in your life as an opportunity to shift your awareness and unfold in new ways. I believe we don’t often think of grief in this way, that more often than not, we shy away from what wants our attention the most.  I have experienced first hand the transformational effect of creativity as a way of relief.  Through painting we can experience: comfort, wonder and acceptance. Painting is my way to connect to the dark so i may feel light. Painting is yoga!

I want to make clear  that you don’t have to have lost someone or something close to you to be in this class. Grief shows up as  fears, regrets, traumas, heartbreaks, #metoo hashtags....etc.. 

As a yogi and lover of psychology,  I will be using storytelling, poems and mindfulness studies to lead you into your daily painting prompts, 21 one of them!

Accessible 21 days of painting HERE. 

Thank you for your willingness and courage to do this important work! We are all in this together.

Deep bows,

Estelle ThomsonComment