So tragic. So hip.


 I didn’t grow up with The Tragically Hip. French Québec didn’t include its wondrous musical repertoire. But I watched him on TV later in life, danced to his music in my early twenties and most recently watched on August 20th last year and I starred and starred. The way Gord Downie used his body has a pure uninhibited channel for his craft. In the era of the garded and propers this is a thing of true beauty. The man was sick and givin’ her like an Olympian. I was in awe of how he relentlessly gave audience and quite frankly, Canada, permission to feel the things and dance and scream and cry. On August 20, watching him pay the cost of being close to death. It’s was so tragic. It’s was so hip. I saw that death gives you edge and grit. Passion and gusto. Essentially, if your open to receive, it gives you life. Major reverence to him as I teacher & artist. Rest In Peace 🙏🏻
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