💛👣What if I told you a secret that I never told you before {...} sometimes I paint. No one knows this. I think I scared you before talking about dying. I was thinking it would make us all feel a bit better if I talked about what I felt when I painted this. I painted this because I felt {... } it was about life. Life is full of colours and we each get to come along and add a little colour to the painting. And even though it's not very big -the painting -you have to figure out that it goes on forever: to infinity. Cuz that's kinda like life. {...} its kind of crazy to think we all have an ancestry. Then, I started thinking that some of my family was that part of the painting and others where the other part - and then I started thinking what if we are all in the painting everywhere? What if we are in the painting before we are born, what if we are in the painting before we die? And these colours, what if they keep adding and layering on top of one another and eventually we are not even different colours anymore we are one thing, one painting. And {my dad} is not with us anymore, he is not alive but he is still with us. He's with me everyday. People are going to die somehow, people that we love- in the future , may be tomorrow, may be in many Years from now. I mean it's kinda beautiful if you think about it the fact that I can't see them anymore yet it doesn't mean they are not still in the painting and I think this is maybe the point of the whole thing. They're is no dying, they're is no you or me or them, it's just us. ~Excerpt from 'This is Us' @thisisus.nbc that had me 😭 earlier today folding laundry. #itskindofbeautiful #tommytinkerforever