I cannot help but think of sweet Tommy when I see a sunflower. They were the flower of his memorial. Everywhere I looked that day sunflowers- my head crown included.

Now, sunflowers remind me that my role has a mother extends time and space. They remind me that life is bright and vibrant with emotions. They call to attention the SUN and my relentless will to follow it. But most importantly, sunflowers channel a profound adoration for my little guy in ways I will probably never be able to write about. 

Today, June 16th 2016, is Tommy’s birthday! He would have been 4 years old. And whilst the light of the sun is invigorating and nourishing, similarly the glow of Tommy Tinker’s spirit his always and forever tattooed on my heart. 

Today, more than any other day, 
I am reminded of the gift that is my life.

That in loving it begins and in loving it ends.
That this life is about connections. 
Awkward pauses, break-ups and breakdowns. Take backs and jump-ins. 
If it’s not filled with joy, if it’s not filled with mystery, if it doesn’t take your breath away, if it doesn’t hurt at times… 
Then it’s not life. 
Happy Birthday to my shining ‘SUN’ Tommy in the sky.

Je t’aime, amour!! 💛🌝💛🌻💛#TommyTinkerForever

Estelle Thomson