{sunrise over the Atlantic, April 12 • 2016}

{sunrise over the Atlantic, April 12 • 2016}

I use to think heavens was up in the sky.

That dead people floated in clouds.

30, 000 ft. up in the air, you can see everything.

Absolutely everything.

In front of you, the universe.

I had never seen the sky like that.

I leaned back, leaned in, looked out.

My eyelids blinked.

I let the pinks sink in.

One more blink, and the pinks are gone.

That is life.

If I could let go of the right and wrong way to process my grief.

If I could let go of attachments, judgements, hurts.


Blink, blink and the pinks are gone, things change.

Blink, blink.

Even when my heart is still painfully sore, changed, numb.

You are never gone.

You are pure spark.

Through thoughtless breath, I learn to let go of the right and wrong way.

Instead, mindfully finding my way.

But then, I imagine climbing.

Higher than the clouds and all the dead people.

You see, your not dead to me, your spark is well and alive.

Your soft little fingers on my heart.

It's you that reminds me to lean back, lean in, look out.

Being up here with you.

Heavens, that is.

Everywhere that is.

Its glorious.

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Estelle Thomson