The Legacy

💛👣⚓️ i created my 21 daily of creative leaps classes and booklet because I wanted to share how art & yoga has helped me open up to life after Tommy passed. 

Yesterday, @bethelightstudio sent me the sweetest creations of Day 1 of the booklet that she is doing with her Grade 2 class. Look at all these sweet anchors ⚓️ !!!! For the longest time, I didn't know what#tommytinkerforever legacy would be. But I got this picture and I thought : 

I am on a mission to help people (kids most importantly included) to transform their awareness and live better lives with art & yoga. Through my life's work, Tommy lives on, tinkering with 7 years olds, teaching them important lesson in anchoring the self. 

Spreading presence and teaching presence. Thanks Amour! 🙏🏻🌿