Called to my beautifully deserted Rainbow Haven this morning in rain boots and pjs. I needed to reflect on the soaring highs and the unmistakable lows of the weekend, seeking grounding to start the week. I cannot tell you how many times has a good cry made me feel most especially bold and alive. 

My latest art class is shaking me and everyone else to the core. Emails have been pouring in: ‘do you offer lighter offerings? ‘, ‘what if I become sad, depressed during this course?’. I am stunned. You mean, what if you FEEL during this course?

This observation reminds me that i can only reach people where they are themselves. I too have to be reminded daily that death is as much of part of life than birth.  It’s easy to numb, repress and shy away from the hurt and the uncomfortable, but that’s just not how you get out of the funk- that is not how you live a mindful life. 

I’ve come to the realization that wellness come when I acknowledge all my opposite aspects. For example, when I let my guards down, and audaciously feel what I need to feel only then can I discover balance, harmony and beauty. 

When I paint, I am reminded of the sacredness of all things. I stop. I stare. I feel. No words needed. Only colors. This painting your grief course is an healing homage to our human capacity for

resiliency. @glennondoylemelton says this so simply : ‘we can do hard things’. Thank you to my #tommytinkerforever for teaching me hard things so in return I can teach others hard things. One breathe - one brushstroke at a time. BAM 👊🏻💥 💛

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