• Capture your grief project 💛👣Day 26• 
    what heals you? • writing {y'all know}
    • walking {nature teaches stillness}
    • fresh flowers
    {instant beauty}
    • daily gratitudes
    {its the little things}
    • hubby's arms
    {instant relief}
    • Isaiah holding my hand {because it won't last} •yoga
    {16 years and countin'}
    •sacred symbols
    {visual imagery is powerful}
    •sitting: breathing {absorbed in a cow bay sunrise}
    • painting {personal sadhana}
    • dresses { instant feeling good }
    • friends that are family {you know who you are}
    • having wine with those friends {celebrate a good life}
    •travelling, good books, good coffee, cooking, dancin'
    • showing up {for you, Tommy Tinker}
    And so much more.........
    What heals you? ✨❤️ #whathealsyou#captureyourgrief #mayweallheal#tommytinkerforever


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