Day 6 Capture your Grief EMPATHY 💞
Yesterday, my uber driver, Greg who I'd guess in his fifties, was friendly and warm. Greg is a video producer by night and uber driver by day. To make chit chat, I asked what his current project was about. 'Have you watch breakfast club?´ he said "its like that except in 2016, with older teens, seeing their progression from group therapy sessions about a current school shooting " . I gasp. Heavy. He continues: 'my son died last year in a college school shooting and I am processing this on my own.' I watch the car mirror has tears welled up his eyes and then a sigh. Silence. Holding space. Lighter. Silence. I tell him about Tommy, softly but with assuredness. Greg nods and go on: the grief is at time unbearable, isn't it? 
EMPATHY. With a complete stranger driving down the Waikiki strip. Greg and will most likely never see each other again - but in that moment we knew the same pain, we are on the same mission: to wake up. Through our creations (him movies, me art & yoga) spreading the best way we know how a message of awareness and peace. 
Griefs is loves souvenir tells@glennondoylemelton. Pain and love are a place I must be brave enough to visit she writes. I can not only survive pain and love - I can also become whole inside of it. 
Thank you Greg for your bravery, for sitting with my pain as I sat with yours. For letting my own heart heal as it shattered open, one uber ride at a time. #captureyourgrief#whathealsyou #empathy#tommytinkerforever

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