That time of year

Yesterday, I randomly found our Christmas card from two years ago in an old used Sobeys bag. I swear I wasn't even looking for it. Today, I was walking Isaiah to gymnastic class. When on our way to the door, I noticed our shadows were displayed perfectly. Mine was tall & triangle and his small, stocky with a cute little toque top. I stopped and told him to look at it. We continued walking, secretly imagining we were holding Tommy's hand too. Wondering. Wondering if by now Tommy would say 'mommy', and walk, and eat something like a fish stick. Wondering if he too could have gone to gymnastic with Isaiah- they would have been in the same age group, after all. It's the fullness I miss the most sometimes. That of holding two hands instead of one, feeding two mouths full and looking back in the car to see two cute little blond, gorgeous, perfectly stubborn heads. Picasso famous quote: 'everything you can imagine is real' and to that I say: "Even shadows, Picasso?" 

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