Day 9

 In Memory 

 When we didn’t have medical appointments or errands, Tommy& I would spend many hours at home. When Scott was at work& Isaiah's in daycare- I had a few moments to paint in my studio. Tommy loved watching me create. I believe his presence brought me the greatest inspiration. When he was very little he would just hang out in his little chair, napping or playing with little toys but once he got bigger he loved to have a brush in his mouth & climb on my canvases.

Now, Thomas is my muse, my saraswati, my angel. The Hunab Ku define angels has messengers; beings of tireless energy, they help with healing, they work with creative joy & keep creation going. Angels are within us: in our blood, our brains, our hearts. Angels are the organs of our very soul. There message is to shatters our rigidity & gives us new wings on which to soar. And I am. Soaring. I feel him in every stroke of brush, in every color I choose. Every piece is in his honor, every painting is in his memory.#TommyTinkerForever #captureyourgrief #whathealsyourheart


Estelle Thomson