Day 8


I’ve always turned to my dad for help. If someone knew every little minute challenge or exploits of Tommy's journey- it was him. He has been my guide since childhood, my spiritual teacher, my listener, my go-to… my everything. It use to upset me, in the beginning, that people didn’t ‘get’ how sick Thomas was. He was born almost 4 months early & friends would ask me -one month in- ‘when would he get home’ (?!?). It was hard for me to plead there ignorance . Yet how could they know everything? Its not as if I was being an open book about brain bleeds, feeding tubes& ostomy bags. My dad, has a physician had the medical dimension (of the seriousness of it all) but also had the hope nobody else had, the positivity nobody else had, the healing touch nobody else had. He had a special connection to Tommy. As I was driving him to the airport this last time, he told me:

'Estelle, the only two things that help us attain higher consciousness : love & pain

( l’amour et la souffrance)....

I am so proud of you’ . Jt’aime Pa. xo @quantumu #TommyTinkerForever#captureyourgrief #whathealsyourheart

Estelle Thomson