Day 33


The first snow came and went, I wish you would have been in my arms to see it. I would have heard your squeals &excitement, jumping up &down with your brother as you watched the wonder of white magic falling from the sky at dawn. Growing up in Quebec, I always remember the fascination of the first snow fall. Eyes glued to the window, dreaming of making forts, slides, and rivers i could swirl and skate on, mountains i could ski on. It's moments like these that makes me miss you the most; moments I want to share. In my deepest of heart, I know your there. But your physical absence is the hardest sometimes to accept.

And actually, am lying. I miss you the most all the time. In the shower, washing dishes, teaching-I am always thinking about my baby; there's an underlying current of the deepest kind of ache, and like sarah maclachlan sings: it hurts like hell. But by digging deep, tuning in, I find hope there as well. I have so much to be grateful for. Beautiful things&people&opportunities all around me, a loving husband& child, my breath. Oh, and watching the beautiful silvery snow.

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