Day 32

Anna Winston-Donaldson writes that

“Grief is simply a, ‘love story,’ in reverse. A necessary ending to an exquisite love.”

And that’s really how I have been feeling lately; like I was a teenagers with my first broken heart. Remember your first real love? Your first heartbreak? There is an exquisite love story in Indian God/Goddesses’ myths about Krishna & Radha. In short, Radha-Krishna love affair is a divine contemporary version of high school romance between cool girl & football rock star. But Krishna is son of a king, & Radha is of peasant descendent. In the end Krishna leaves Radha. But here is the shocking point of the story, where I can relate profusely. In her grief & obsession; Radha begins to see Krishna everywhere. The whole world becomes her beloved. Sally Kempton writes the story so well: ‘Every leaf in the forest, the cows, the household -everything becomes for her the form of Krishna. In the Indian devotional tradition, this is called ‘the bliss of the pain of separation’ and it is considered one of the highest spiritual experience. The bliss of pain? How can these two words be in the same sentence is doubtfully questionable. But this is key in how I will –and have- mend the pieces of my broken heart. Radha is teaching me to stay open in the midst of my heartbreak. Yoga is teaching me this too.

In yoga, we choose to engage in all our senses. We choose to willingly dive into a forward fold, dive into the sweetness, dive into the ache, the vulnerability, the courage. Skillfully going from moment to moment, breathe by breathe, movement by movement. Trusting every step of the way. Feeling everything.

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