DAY 29


This picture always moves me. What's that quote says...

it doesn't matter how long you lived, it matters HOW you lived

This picture summarizes Tommy's life. Tommy's soul was full. He was always content. I couldn't believe it. Coming back from the hospital, I was always waiting to come home with an irritable baby, whiny and scared. But no. When healthy, he was calm, collected & wise. So wise. I'd see it in his eyes. I feel so lucky he chose me to hold him, he chose me to birth him, he chose me to look at him and him to look at me. I was his lioness, his protectors and I loved him fiercely. And I still do-love him, it's a deeper love now. Yet, it doesn't change the fact that I miss him. But when I close my eye, I can almost go back to that magical day in Hawaii, surrounded by my family, warm sun, blue seas & skies. When I close my eyes, I can taste Tommy's freedom.

And now, he is truly free.

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