Yoga Residency in France: a dream coming true!


I have been wanting to go to France since before becoming a yoga teacher. My first vision of it had nothing to do with yoga. I was in my early twenties and it came down on me that I really wanted to go work in France one day but at what capacity I had no idea. I wanted to go there and soak up the beauty, culture, fashion #omg and art!

Packing today, and realizing that holy shit am really going and this is really happening had me thinking about chasing dreams. From that moment 15 years ago, to graduating from school, becoming a mom and working hard and loving teaching yoga. The France thing was tucked away somewheres deep but never too far. Last year, Scott took me to Paris- a desires he knew I had since our first date. 

When @arlesyoga asked me to go teach last September- the timing couldn't have been worst. I was so disappointed. It was hard to understand why a far away dream was handed to me on a gold platter and I had to give it away for (to put it quite simply) being a mom! But now, now it's a go and with the support of my family and friends - I am taking flight! 

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I sense the dream was chasing me. It was up to me to seize the opportunity- to not give up! With plenty organization, good timing and the most amazing husband (love you babe!!!! 💋).... I caught it! I caught it!!!! 🎣 

Love you. E. ⭐️

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