YOGA, ART & MAGIC: a video series

The power of art & yoga to build physical and emotional resiliency is real. Yoga, Art & Magic video series is my chance to share with you my personal yoga and meditation practice. I want to demonstrate and teach you how to use symbols and visual imagery in your life in a tangible and super easy way. I want you to benefit from art & yoga has much has I have. It is my duty to share my tricks and secrets. You need to open the gateway to your own magic!

This is the first video and intro, I am hoping to do one monthly- if  i get in a groove - possibly weekly! I'd LOVE your feedback has we ride the different symbol & themes. What works for you and what doesn't? I'd love to know how you use the art & yoga to shift and transform you day and consequently....  your life!

My gift to you. Free. 

Love you. E.xo

Marvelous Mama Deck of Cards are available HERE. 

'Owl is in Me' Painting is available HERE.   (Same price, size has 'eagle is in me') 

Sara Kelly Design SHAKTI Mala is available HERE.  

DoTerra 'Motivate' Essential Oil is available in roller here ( only 2 available) HERE



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