I stand here as SHE. 

She-Woman. She- Sister. She- Goddess. She-Warrior. 
She is my spark, my breath- Shakti.
This SHE is me.

Inspired by books such as Rise Sister Rise, Woman Dancing with Wolves, the book of She. Motivated by the sacred vulnerability shown by woman attending my Feminine Magic Workshops. I dive into this deep desire to paint SHE. 

#100daysofpaintingSHE is a coming out, a rising up and in. SHE has been contained for too long. 

I start this 100 days, in the dark, perplexed, scared has to what might unfold.

On day 1/100 I am reminded that the dark and messy is in fact, the way of SHE. 
Are you ready to explore the maiden, the mother, the wild, the crone?

Are you ready to explore SHE in all its forms and glory? 


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Day 1/ 100