Sacred Symbol Private Session

Personal Sacred Symbol Session is something I have been wanting to implement in my art & yoga offerings for a long time now.

What better way to unite my counselling, art and yoga background into one high caliber offering. Something where I can work one-on-one with you. 

I've worked closely with symbols, specifically 77 of them, for more than 3 years now.  I can attest to the fact that they have changed my life and consequently -my teachings. I knew visual imagery was powerful but not THAT powerful. In class, whether art or yoga, they provide a tighter container for student-teacher receptivity, they access beauty not has something frivolous but has a human calling and channel the highest resonance. Symbol, colours, visions, along with story telling and potent words are keys in healing. You - unfolding in new ways. Emanating equanimity for body/mind/soul. Can you feel my excitement has I weave and learn to bring forth my love of art & yoga? 

Join me on a personal 3-month sacred symbol journey.  Enjoy Estelle's Sacred Symbol exercises, art tasks, creative mission prompts, self- introspection and personal interaction.  

Your programs incudes: 

-Sacred Symbol assignments

-Sacred Symbol Exercises

-Skype meetings  or one-on-one meeting ( some clients likes to keep it strictly on emails and that is fine with me too!) 

Estelle will help you identify your personal sacred symbol and coach you thru a process that helps you see why this symbol could be sharing it’s ancient message with you. These sessions are  combining spirituality, art, depth psychology, and deep wisdom that help you get more in touch with your light. 

Are you going through a transitional time? Grief? Anxiety? just a general feeling or being 'stuck'? Symbols can helps. 

If you take this program seriously- you will be writing in your journal and painting almost everyday. This is mostly self- directed but I am always a message away with questions or informations, insights or breakthroughs you might have.

What clients are saying about the Private Session:

"Estelle's faith in the sacred symbols was like a lifeline thrown to me in the choppy seas of a difficult period of my life. I hung on, and trusted her guidance until I began to feel calmer seas washing me ashore. With each passing day, I'm learning to swim with the rhythm of the Universe. I guess I'd consider Estelle my wise and spirited Mermaid guide!"

love and courage to you on this journey! 

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