Art & Yoga Teachers Training: FAQ!


Frequently asked question about the Art & Yoga Teachers Training.  

1.         I am in the midst of my 200 hrs yoga training and I an interested in coming but I have no experience teaching yoga yet. Can I still come?  

Absolutely, yes. If anything, I am hoping the day inspires you to take the leap as a yoga teacher, reveal yourself more. 

 2.         I have no experience painting, can I still come?

Absolutely, yes. As you will learn that day, painting is about your life, not about techniques. Not for the means of these teachings, anyhow. 

3.         Will you be given this day training sometimes in the future?

The future is NOW.  No other dates set yet.

 4.         I am a teacher but not a yoga teacher. Can I still come? 

Yes, if you are in the field of GIVING, then you must. If you thrive to live your best life, you are welcome to come. 

 5.         Is the training a good introduction to your Yoga Mentorship?

  Yes, it is. Two of my assistants will be there on the 29th and have taken my program. They are there to help provide extra support that day and to answer any questions you might have about both the Start-Up Program and the MAPS program. 


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