2016: BOOKS that moved me.

Dear books, 

Thank you for stirring my soul. To make me delve in your respective worlds. Teaching me what I need to learn and what i need to teach in return. 

Above is my list for 2016. I've read many more, but these brings it down to my "MUST READS". I agree, there isn't much fiction in there- although I have read fiction! Real-life memoir, real- life narrative just as it's way with me, you see.  Anyhow. here's a quick review for each. 

1. When Breath becomes Air.- Paul Kalanithi

A brave memoire of Kalanithi experience with lung cancer. This story is poignant and real. Words are were eloquent and hopeful. 

2. Camilla Gibb- this is happy

I have grown fond of Gibb over the years. Motherhood has an identity crisis mixed with the heartbreak of loosing her lover. Beautiful and clearly written. Canadian too.

3. Milk and Honey - Rupi Kaur

As much as I love poetry, I've always had trouble finishing poetry book. I read this book ferociously in a  5-hour flight from San Fransisco to Montreal. It was relatable and raw. It was everything I needed to read. 

4. Love Warrior- Glennon Doyle Melton 

The hype about this book was real! It is a fast read and one hard to forget. Doyle is good at grabbing the cords of your soul. Good and makes you think. Who are you really? Every choice matters. 

5. The Great Work of you Life- Stephen Cope

This summer read was a gem. A call for doing less and listening more. An assurance that my work matters. Cope never disappoints! 

6. Marrow- Elizabeth Lesser

It's inevitable, Lesser has a way with words that leaves you breathless. In a good way. I've took many of her stories and teaching into the yoga room. She is a powerful mindfulness teacher, and this is truly a bible of a book. 

7. Broken Open - Elizabeth Lesser

It's not a coincidence that both my favourite read of 2016 are on the same author. If you have a chance, watch her interview with Oprah as well. Lesser delve deep in that place not many of us dare to look. 

8. Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

This book made me nod yes and laugh out loud. My whole 2016 year words was surrounded by a word coined by Rhimes 'badassery' and  'swagger'. Loved it. 

9. The One Life We're Are Given

I have this one on my bedside table. i can just open it and something good - i mean- brilliant jumps at my face. Nepo is wise, and his writing  prose magnificent. 

10. Art of Attention- Elena Brower & Erica Jargo

Both dearest mentors, Brower and Jargo offer a beautiful visual and precise sequence run down. Reminding me that yoga is art and art is yoga. Always and forever grateful for both these souls. 

Happy Reading! 

Stay inspired, friends.