Point Pleasant Park June 21st, 2016

Point Pleasant Park June 21st, 2016

What a privilege is was to lead white warriors yogis into a yoga practice right at the heart of Halifax: POINT PLEASANT PARK! 

It's not everyday that you lead a crew of more than 75 hearts into a beating breath. My intentions where one of PERMISSION, PASSION & PEACE. 

What I know for sure is this: we are all creators, connectors, yogis, makers, givers and receiver. That by taking the effort to come today, we may unite our hearts, and mind and voice to something bigger. 

The day carried the sweetest vibe! One of serenity, smiles and love. So . Much. Love. We shared many of the words that start with 'P'... Positive, Peak, Persistence, Pain, Patience, Play.... and of course PERMISSION, PASSION and PEACE! 

Today, on International Yoga Day may I remind myself to breathe in a world at war. May I give thanks for my body capable and strong. As I sit here, I surrender to the beauty of my awakening soul. Today, on International Yoga Day,  i celebrate the unity, that BINDS all of us as ONE: breathe.

 Please inhale/exhale one last time to PERMISSION, PASSION, PEACE!

Thank you LOLE HALIFAX for giving me this opportunity that I will cultivate in my minds eye ... forever!

Until next LOLEWHITE event....