When do you find time to paint?

from Estelle Thomson Art & Yoga 

from Estelle Thomson Art & Yoga 

"When do you find time to paint?" is a questions i hear again & again.

Friends, I don't find time. I MAKE time. This spread was done in 3 parts today. Part 1 at 6:30am this morning with one butt cheek on a stool and another reaching for a waffle. Part 2 was at @starbucks when I miraculously zip through the bridge and somehow was 20 minute early to teach class. Part 3 was with my sweaty back on the cold window of@mokshayogahali talking to Joanna about reasons not to have a third baby (bloody nipples is a gooood reason !) . And then suddenly, I had made something.

Was it in the perfect conditions? Absolutely, not.

Is it a masterpiece? Absolutely, not.

Do I feel accomplished today. Absolutely, YES.