You can choose to do a lot of things with your grief. If your like me, you paint & yoga the heck out it, or write a whole year and half worth of Grief Projects.

If your like my dad, you go on a meditation world tour to 'heal yourself, heal the world'. Hawaii, India, Nepal, China, New York and you guessed it ... Cow Bay, Nova Scotia! Noosphere Project was a beautiful success, bringing thousands of people around the globe to pause, breathe & connect with their life- all inspired by Tommy. To be proud of this man is an understatement! 

So, you guessed it, I am inspired by my father this week!  Maybe it is because I don't get to see my family often, but time with this man is always nourishing for me. It is interesting this see, that after all these years - whilst coming from different educational background - we are in fact doing the same work: we have the same calling. 

 I urge you to spend time with you love ones this week! May be for you this involve calling them on Skype or sending a quick text. Or may be it is going through the effort of scheduling a dinner or a quick coffee date. 

That being said, I have friends that I consider family. People that have seen me at my worst, at my best and take me as I am & love me. Do you have people like this surrounding you? I sure hope so! 

Till next week lovers! 




Magic MondayEstelle Thomson