This week's MAGIC MONDAY Edition is about : WINTER WALKS. 

Last week, a deep funk settled in and I couldn't shake it. I usually have so many tools in me to shake out the funk: yoga, cleaning, drawing, hugging, wine. Somehow,  none of these preferred method were doing me any good. 

On Friday morning, I texted my best girlfriend and we went for a cold winter walk. Not a cold like 'man it is chilly cold' walk. But cold like 'man, it is FUCKEN bitter cold' walk. We talked as we walked fast forward, we talked as we walked slow backwards. We walked with the wind at times, and against the wind at times. Why did we chose today of all day to go for a walk, we thought, when it had clearly been milder all week.

When I was studying and researching for my Masters I came across a  mode of healing called  'Walk Therapy'. It soon began the crux of my last Case Study. It would always amaze me how, after going to walk with my clients they would always feel better. 'How to you feel today Mrs. M?' ' not more than a 2 today, sadly' she said. 'Lets go for a walk!' I would blurt out as we made a short stroll around the block. 'How do you feel now Mrs. M?' '7 now. '.  Going from 2 to 7.... not bad. 

Isn't that something ? Not to mention that the people I was counselling were heavily medicated, but that this breath of fresh air could change there whole self-reflective outlook on their quality of life & there pain perception amazed me.

I came back home with pins & needles in my tights that day & a pink frozen blush. But my mind was lighter and my spirit stronger. 

Nothing like the winter wind
A blast of bitter but clear crisp air
Washes away pain in my veins
No matter the trying week that's been
I stand here still.
Quietly, perfectly.
Nothing you hear,
Nothing will ever stop me.

Walks for the wins. Enjoying every bit of winter while it's here !

Estelle xx


Magic MondayEstelle Thomson