Next 21 days of Creative Leaps!!

Now for the big REVEAL... the next 21 days of Creative Leaps!

Start date: Nov. 11th
Same great cost: 21 $

This 21 days of Creative Leaps Program has been reverberating for a while now still. Two years ago, I lost my son, Thomas Knox. Tommy was only two years old when he passed, but the echo of his life resonates deep has I type these words.

This online art program is about loss- yes- but I want this experience to be about painting your pain in general. What are you sad about? What do you or have you to mourn? Do you wake up in a funk most days? In psychology, we call this our shadow side. This darkest side is usually hidden and comprises of fears, discomfort and the 'what might have beens'. What if I told you that by sitting and painting with the gloomiest part of you that you’d be able to see the shiniest part of you?

Can you sit and paint for 5 minutes a day and get to feel the centermost part of you?

I hope you join me on this colourful journey, where we are all born artists- makers of all things beautiful. The choice is yours to get up, show up and live fully!


Sign- up easily HERE:

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