'The Year of Yes' is the first installation of the MONDAY's full of MAGIC on my blog.

I  beg you to read it. 

This year, saying 'yes' has been a bit of my thing and I've been inspired by Shonda Rhimes journey into navigating social anxiety, weight loss & overall change of perspective that saying YES brought her. 

There are countless 'take-away' from this book written has a witty, loving memoir of her transformation from a shy overweight writer, to a confident,  willful & authentic person.   Most notably, vocabulary add-ons such has'BADASSERY' & 'SWAGGER' have taking such a tole on me. 

I love that concept. Waking up 'LIKE THIS'. Since reading this paragraph, I have been practicing not giving a crap what anyone else thinks. It's hard. But oh-my SO FREEING. 

For many of us that are on a bit of a spiritual quest, this book will surely fill your well !

Enjoy ! 

Yours in inspiration, 


Magic MondayEstelle Thomson