FREE FLOW : Line- up is UP!

Line-up for my Sunday 4pm class 'Free Flow' is UP. Each class will have a theme, a word, a vibe, a feel. Reverberating from your movement through breathe, and finding it's way into your life.

Sunday Sept. 13th : METAMORPHOSIS

Sunday Sept. 20th : PURIFY

Sunday Sept. 27th: LIBERATE

Sunday Oct. 04: RE-SET

Sunday Oct. 11th: LISTEN 

Sunday Oct. 18th: DREAM

Sunday Oct. 25 : SOOTHE

Sunday Nov. 1 th: LIGHT (in your heart)

Can't freakin' WAIT!!! 


p.s: I have also made an executive decision that this class will be of INTERMEDIATE level, therefor not suitable for beginners!

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