Materials you need for 21 days PAINTING BOOT CAMP!

Good Morning!

I have received many questions about the 21 days Painting Meditation Boot Camp. But the main question is about MATERIALS! 

-Cheap Watercolour Pad, one brush, water, paper. That's it!

Extra could include sharpies & stickers. But really not necessary. Please watch this quick video to know more.

Sign up HERE to experience this one of kind experience. And read-on!

Painting Boot Camp is about CONNECTION

Painting Boot Camp is about the feeling of letting, moving away from your fears and raising your vibrations.

Painting Boot Camp is about STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

While we create we can get a sense of focus, well-being, &relaxation – this is a state of MEDITATION. This is THERAPY.

Painting is not about colors, not about materials. Etc. Painting is about your LIFE- and what gets revealed in front of you. We don’t use erasers because life doesn’t have erasers!

Just paint for the JOY of painting.

I hope to meet you on this journey! 

e. xo

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