Hello Art Lovers! 

I was putting my Painting Meditation Studies at Total Kneads Clinic yesterday:


..... when a coconut fell on my head & I got the crazy idea to do this with you:  Online PAINTING BOOT-CAMP !!!!!

This new ART PROGRAM will starts next Monday Septemebr 07 and will be for 21 DAYS.

Where: YOUR home sweet home

When: Monday Sept 07 - Sunday Sept 27

How will it work:

1)You will be added in a secret Facebook group

2) I will guide you each day with a subject, inspiration and prompts.

3) you will connect with others in the challenge by sharing your journey.

Extra's will include unique video session (with me!), original lessons & overall artful fun!!


Investment : 21$ ( do the math, that's one buck a day!)

Time investment: do you log in on Facebook at least once a day? Then , there is no reason why you should not do this! Period.

The time is NOW.

Sign-up for this ground breaking, soulful adventure HERE. 

Yours in ART, 


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