I have just come back from beautiful PEI. I am exhausted. Travelled out. The idea of packing again (even for 2 overnights) seemed daunting- borderline over-the top! I have NOTHING else to wear I told myself. But, of course, I was wrong. Of course there is always possibilities when it comes to clothes, and style and well, yes- TRAVELLING!


I have now cut it down to 3 items you ABSOLUTLY need when traveling. They lovingly include      (see reverse psychology here) :


-       SUNGLASSES!! Summer travelling or summer destination travelling should always include a mega good pair of sunglass. Ones that cover your face & hangover. One you can go about your day without make-up in. One that can act as a headband if needed, and one that the Tim Hortons girls at the drive thru will always comment on. This years Chanel’s knock-off, have totally done the trick!

-       PLAYSUIT! Or jumpsuit. Call me grammy, but I love me a good travelling outfit. Something trendy, yet you are comfortable, can sit cross-legged (ola, yoga teachers!), and well can endure the test of TIME. Time on a plane, on the car ( when the ferry is full!) or just waiting in a hotel lobby at 5 am.  I am sucker for a ‘throw-on’, ONE thing that does the trick. Simple. Fresh. The Playsuit onsie, is new but not so new. Retro & hip: I’ve just been loving them.

-       HAPPINESS: Which I know, technically is NOT a piece of clothing. It’s pretty cheesy really. But 110% know it’s WORKS. WHATEVER you are wearing, if you' re happy, YOU NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE.

Here is my piece of wisdom for this week. I will have some lookbooks ready for you next week, as I settle in to my home again and my Fall  Art/Yoga Program starts.


Namaste, HAPPY people!


Estelle x