Thoughts on Packing & Other Such Modernities...

Well, am here in Nicaragua settled in the Hilton Managua. We got one hour chill out time before embarking on a 3 hour trek to surf paradise. You see, I am just glad we are finally here. I am quite the jittery flyer -air conditioning makes me headachy and cheap restaurants upset my stomach. Look at me queen of whining. We are here & I am damn lucky! End of story. 

I have meant discussing packing clothes for a trip. Minus uncomfortable airport flying, I love wandering the world and proud to call myself a gypsy at heart. In my early twenties, I took the greyhound twice on to different routes from Quebec City to San Diego (3 nights on a bus is only possible with out-of-the ordinary teenage will, good music and a diary- just in case you we're wondering). I'd love watching the countryside go- I'd be fascinated by people in relation to their land; how there physiology was shaped by where they lived & how they dressed. But here's the thing-as much as I love traveling, discovering cultures and beaches - I hate packing.

I was thinking about this, cramped up in the dreaded middle seat of the second plane we were on. It's maybe not that I despise packing but more that I hate making choices.When it comes to clothes, I like closet perspective, multiple layers of tees and dresses for days (you can never have too many of those!).What I wear on any given day is often dictated by the feelings of the moment. My past Look books have been great resources into outfit inspiration yet truth be told I never wear them twice the same.  

Which goes right the cusp of my dilemma. Foreseeing  how I will feel on any giving day can be a be bit of a bust. Moreover, packing  'practical' more often than not cramps my style. So for this trip, I considered frivolous ( e.g packing a Bodega body chains in the off chance I consider a bikini yoga photoshoot) and practical ( do I see Birkenstock here or what!?).

To be continued. ( so we all can reconvene on how that body chain did work out! )