Thoughts on Packing and Other Such Modernity’s (continued…)

Well, I am back and still unpacked (no a surprise there). I had a dreamy & most wonderful vacation. I have a tan, white nails & a lighter spirit. Proudly, I have worn every single piece of CLOTHING in my baggages. Some highlights of my trip include:


-       Spending 3 hours in a California Free People store & being completely content AND wanting to stay 3 hours more. This is also, unbelievably, the only shopping I did.


-       Sketching an entire Fashion Illustration Collection (you’ll WANT to check out my next BLOG)


-       Electric Orange lips, adds spunks to any outfit.


-       Friends & family times for days, yoga under a palapa & many more memorable moments with my loves.



I will also confess not wearing the body chain (which is technically a JEWELLERY and not a piece of clothing), although I am not giving up on it yet! It’s hilarious to think I didn’t wear my Birkenstocks either (which is technically a SHOE and not a piece of clothing). That my friends, must be a catch 22! The practical and frivolous did not win, but the in-betweens did. Here are –by far- the pieces that worked on my tropical holidays.


-       My Bodega High & Dry Kato Pants. I was in them almost every night.

-       Headbands- very hard to keep serious, stylish bang in humidity.

-       ROMPERS. Love them. Live in them.


My next LOOKBOOK will be about the up and coming FALL season, can you believe the passing of time?


Till next time lovers,