Tinkerbelle's LOOKBOOK #5

I am closing off this month's LOOKBOOK with my most favourite looks of JULY. The staples of my summer by far! I've been feeling the weight of this months busy-ness on my shoulders (i.e.: in dear need of vacation !!). At the same time, the gratitude scale has been heighten by the plain fact that my work is essentially sharing what I love: fashion-wize, yoga-wize, art-wize & life- wize... with YOU. These next few weeks, I will share my blog abroad (hopefully posting as per usual, each week!), polaroid in hand, wanderlust spirit in my heart. I'll be wearing & circulating some Bodega love to Central America & beyond. Watch out WORLD... this girl is on FIRE! 

Yogi on the loose & Mermaids. #YogiOnTheLoose

You wouldn't believe how many comments I got on this tee from Better Than Her Boutique! What's with this obsession with mermaids (mine included) and why are we (young girls & grown-ups alike) so attracted to this mythical figure? Is it because they exemplify freedom, impossible love with princes, wild romanticism, fearlessness & fantasy? Maybe. All I know, is that I loved wearing this outfit for the special Vinyasa & Vision Class with my friend Britannie & that it worked for our night of connection, art & flow. 

Beachin' IT! #THATBELT

It seems that white shorts & skirts are always fashionable. This summer seems like no exception. This heart chain accessory from Bodega Boutique is my new favourite since it's casual yet elegant. I pair it with Room 152 belt, Fancy Lucky's floppy tee & polaroid in hand, am ready to beach it! 

Number 1- Feminine Wanderer #MixIT

I've got two Feminine Wanderer looks this week. I've been living in Maxi's this summer. Mixing flower prints with stripes is a bit risky, but I totally advise trying it. I didn't realize my bra straps matched my converse but when I did, I thought I might as well show it off : )! Long flowy dresses are as feminine as can be, and I think we've overlooked them for too long! 

Number 2- Feminine Wanderer #Gypsy

Starkly poetic, this maxi is meant to be kept for when am in a bad mood, since wearing it brings me utmost pleasure. Geo-V Necklace from Bodega never fails either. 

I want to thank you all -fashion lovers- for reading my blog! Being a Bodega Ambassador has open up a flood gate of the love & appreciation for fashion & design are already had and helps me express it! Check out the program, may be you could be the next Bodega Ambassador

Next time I post, it will be from a beach Nicaragua with my friends & family. Hopefully my LOOKBOOKS wont be too blurry ; ) 

Shine on, friends!


P.S: I've got to share this "piece of resistance' necklace from Better Than Her... simply ART on your neck. I dig!