Tinkerbelle's LOOKBOOK #2

This week, I officially got to get out last year's dusty rompers, my wrinkled summer dresses & oh, you know... other summer frills. But not just that: I got to wear them!! This is something I’d like to make clear with you fashion-lovers: I wear all of my LOOKBOOKS. What I post is tried, tested & TRUE and I wouldn’t want it any other way! 


Yogi on the Loose! : Beach Bum Edition #beachyogabum

This outfit is a dose of spirit & fun. It was proudly laid out on my bed salty & sandy from the morning's activity. These dreamy Roxy pants have been called 'wild' more than once by my Mother-in-Law & they've always work great with this v-neck Lululemon tee that I snagged on a boxing day sale couple years back. Old school Mexx Tee (Room 152!) helps to keep things rooted but flowing.  But my most prized possession this morning was the handcrafted jewellery of Damara Mossman, her beach charm bracelet was the detail i needed. Of course my go-to Geo Triangle Necklace from Bodega & Malas were added... but that just a given! Namaste, lovers! 

Beachin' it & it's nuance #beachbums

Brilliantly refreshing knitted throw from Bodega Boutique went well for that vibrant & cheap romper - but I secretly can't wait to wear it with white jeans! Super-girl Chanel knock-off (Better than Her Boutique) never fails from beachin'it!! I am the only one laughing out loud with elation now that summer is here? 


Feminine Wanderer #Wanderlust

I must admit, some travelling is not so far away. The theme of 'wanderlust' is an undergoing one in my LOOKBOOK. Leather so chic yet casual- accessories that are meant to create all the difference like that mini purse from Fancy. Wooden wedge are definitely a go for this boho (my) soul. Gotta love geometric games with my Geo V Triange Necklace ( the long one this time) & tube top playsuit. Exquisiteness ! 

Vive le Rock n' Roll! #iloverocknroll 

I see carefree romanticism in this one. Supercharged with the pink sandals. I couldn't very well believe the Ambassador swag when I got the Bodega reign & this black leather purse with fringe was included. Ladder some pink polish & a good balayage and your off to a good day!

with love & summer breeze, 


p.s: by the way, it is VERY hard to take a polaroid selfie! Trust my word & till next week .... MWAH!