Tinkerbelle's LOOKBOOK #3

I heart summer. Beach themed outfits & this season retro flares has enough for me to be musing lobster nails & drinking margaritas ( one or two... who's counting, not me!). And whilst I have no weddings to go to this summer ( booh!) , I'll be full-on wanderlusting through  Nicaragua and then Cali at the beginning of August: looking forward to some travelling style. But for now, I leave you with the outfits this week!

Yogi on the loose: 'Dare to Bare' #ohlala

In another world, I was an ice-cool bad girl (but always with a hint of sweet).  Theme for my yoga outfits this week, was definitely daring to bare, and that wasn't only my mid-drift! How can I choose clothe that truly reveals who I am: sassy & sweet, ice-cool yet burning hot. Ah! The paradoxes of life. Yet, I think i've captured it with this ensemble: simple yet edgy. Bodega Circle Around Geo Necklace is solid has an all-around practical yet stylish little piece, high-rise American Apparel Legging & popping red colour with these sneaks. All good. I dared! 

Beachin' It : Get it. That Perfect Beach Dress #BeachinIT

I do heart summer, and I do heart summer more when i get to swim in the ocean (pleasantly) in July, in NOVA SCOTIA. This blue tube top elastic dress doesn't owe me a penny i've worn it so many times! When I put it on, it is the 70's all over again. I coupled it with oversized turquoise ring, necklace & gladiator sandals. Touches of modernity are added into the mix with a Billabong bikini, but definitely long draped dress could easily be said to be an essential wardrobe classic!

Feminine Wanderer #Wanderlust'ing'

Converse are all the rage this season & they were all I could see when I went to visit New York last month. I've been wearing them with skirts & dresses and shorts. What can I say but that they add the YANG to my YIN, the 'humph' in my mojo. This summer outfit has everything to charm and filled the 'real' woman. Youthful yet not to extravagant BUT.....  daring ( see that theme followed me all week!). 

Vive le Bleu! #vivelavie

This look is the epitome of sophistication & desire. Romper is a Bodega find: i've been able to dress it up or down ( and yes- you've guessed it, worn it with Converse) . It's laid back chic with poise. Et j'aime la couleur BLEU! Bleu (blue) speaks to me of mermaids, magic, fog & dreams. Daring (here's that word again!) to mix up shades of blue put together the sensual perfection I was looking for. 

Till next weeks lovers, 


p.s: my dashing husband chillaxin' has I  sneaked up on him with the Polaroid!