Tinkerbelle's LOOKBOOK

Cross-my-heart hope to die, I have love fashion for as long as I could dress myself.  To the deep sighs of my mother, I’d strut down the stairs – with a confidence only little girls possess- and love my ‘work’ (aka my outfit). This was ART. Its still is. As one of Bodega Ambassadors- I shall render a weekly LOOKBOOK where I gather my fresh & best look of the moment. 

Yogi on the loose #flowerpower

Can you say crop top? Crop tops have always given me retro frisson, and with high waist legging, converse & malas this yoga outfit exudes discreet charm, confidence & fantasy.  Pair it with jean jacket & manage to be radiant yet energetically sexy when wearing it…. Anyhow, that’s how I felt! 

Beachin’ it #beachbums

I like my beaches with a bit of gladiator spirit coupled with flirt. Here it is! Black romper, oversized bag (7th Chakra sells them at the Alderney Market) and rocking Bodega’s Geo Triangle Gold Necklace. Its nice for once not to look sporty when beachin’ it! 


Femine Wanderer #wanderlust

I love an outfit with wanderlust flare. Clingy stretch red jeans skirt, exquisite vintage top (Fancy Lucky find) and wooden wedges. Practical, old school with a drop of modern. Go on now … go travel the world! 

Vive le corset ! #vivelavie

Best black pants alert! High rise pant with huge flare- so comfy you think you in pj’s, yet guess what… it’s flattering! Yes! The High & Dry Kato pants is a staple for my summer for sure & what to say about le corset. Ouh la la!


with love & summer breeze ,



p.s: Mini - me wanted to say HI!!!