HOW-TO: Holiday Cards

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In my mind, there is nothing better than a good old, handmade holiday card.

What you will need: 

- Watercolour Pad (6-10$ at Michael's)

- Mason Jar of Water

-Paint Brush


- Good Quality Paper that you can bend into Greeting Cards (Omer des Serres & Micheals has them)  

Inspiration for this years self-made Holiday Card came from MINTED, where I order my not-so self-made holiday card ; ) 

From this card {see above} , I picked up the colour, feel & lines. 

Start with the watercolour flower, branches, design (lines, shapes). Don't overthink it.  Let dry. Add Sharpie designs on top of colours . Add Holiday word of choice... and VOILA!

My words this years, seem to revolve around JOY, PEACE, XMAS, NOEL. It's nice to keep it simple and clean. 

One card from MINTED and I was able to pick up so many little designs that I liked. I tell my students that they can draw anything if they can see. Not just see but really look and SEE. Pick up a holiday card and paint the things you love about it! 

I had so much fun this morning, coffee in hand, focused on my task. It was quite relaxing actually and now I have beautiful cards to give to my friends! 

Check out my own Holiday Card Collection HERE.

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Yours in holiday cheer,