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The permission slip to be the artist that you are.

The Mindful Art philosophy is that if you are a breathing, living human being: YOU ARE AN ARTIST. It is about starting where you are. It’s about practice and the courage to keep showing up, it’s about reflecting on your work and painting outside the line. It’s practice. Oops, did I say that again because I meant to!! 

Daily watercolour painting is an opportunity to strengthens creativity and practice presence in body and mind. In witnessing and looking at our daily creations we see our life unfolds in front of our very eyes. We open up in new ways. The goal of all this years 21 days is to establish a daily art practice. 

Your brain on art is your brain on yoga.

Your brain on art is your brain on yoga : receptive, in 'flow', child-like, forgiving, lit up! Painting has been shown to calm body & mind, rewire the brain and access peace, joy, _______ ( blank for inserting what YOU want more out of this life, your one life!) .

Are you ready to take the LEAP? 

What is Mindful Art?

Mindful Art is techniques in mindfulness combined with an art medium (in the case of this class watercolour painting). In mindful art, we work on on regulating, re-educating and re-wiring our brains with fun and engaging coursework. 


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Upcoming Classes

Each class runs 21 days and is $49. Register for individual classes or for a bundle of 5 for $197.


Praise for Mindful Art

Discovering Estelle’s course offerings has been such a gift. Having completed almost all of the 21 Days of Mindful Art courses (at least once!), I have learned so much about myself. I highly recommend her offerings.
— Lori-Ann Coffin, Halifax Nova Scotia
I have been a student of Estelle’s for YEARS! She has taught me so much about art, spirit and life. Her 21 days of Mindful Art have opened new doors into my creative soul and I cannot thank her enough for how she has encouraged me to embrace myself and become the very best version of me possible.
— Sara Brother, Montague Prince Edward Island
Estelle is magic personified! I’ve done one of her Mindful Art. She is so inspiring. Her heart is full, she accepts the gifts of everyone, and provides meaningful guidance to discover our own creativity and insight. Her honesty and expertise is pure. She makes people want to be better, more accepting versions of ourselves.
— Michelle, Kentville Nova Scotia

Registrations for Earth & Sky ends Jan. 12, 2019