Birds & Butterflies : Things That Fly

Birds & Butterflies : Things That Fly


“Hope is a thing with feathers”
– Emily Dickinson


Estelle Thomson Art & Yoga presents a brand new Online Mindful Art Class.
Together, twenty-one days to initiate a daily art practice.

For many years now, I have been fascinated by the relationship between human beings and the mysteries of inspiration. Why do some people use their creativity, and some don’t? What’s happened along the way for you to think you weren’t creative is not beyond the scope of these 21 days of daily painting. My hope is that through small daily acts of bravery, you remember that you are a maker of beautiful things.  

Together for 21 days we will paint different species of bird, butterfly, bats, bees but also get to know them intimately through stories, environmental facts, symbolism and quotes.  I tell my students that what you paint, write, reflect, study - gets inside you!

What do birds & butterfly mean to you? For me… Flight. Faith. Freedom. Rebirth.


“What does it mean that the earth is so beautiful? And what should I do about it?”
– Mary Oliver


I must paint it! Personally, I am more myself when I paint every day. My spirit feels lifted, I am at peace and grounded. Painting nature as enable a portal into our own imagination, a  sure place I can come back to again and again to recreate myself.

“The power of imagination makes us infinite”
- John Muir

Investment : $49 + probably $10 of Materials 

What you get:

  • 21 daily prompts for painting birds & butterfly

  • Watercolour tutorial

  • Being added to a Secret Facebook Group of like-minded creative individual. A safe place to share you art.

  • Extra's will include mini-tutorial, on LIVE Facebook Session with Estelle on the power of art to heal.

  • Expect connection and inspiration: an exercise in courage and hope.

What you need:

  • Time: expect 5-10 minimum daily

  • Permission to live an artful life: for 21 days make it a priority  

  •  Watercolour Pad, Watercolour Brush, Watercolour Paper. Optional (sharpies, crayons)


“And birds fluttered around her, writing “yes” in the sky.” 
Monique Duval

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