Spiritual Fashion Workshop + Sale


Spiritual Fashion Workshop + Sale


October 3rd, 2019


Introduction to Spiritual Fashion is part eye-opening discussions on Spiritual Fashion (see topics below) and part easy-does-it introspection practice. Expect theory but also explore brave and intuitive rituals in painting and journaling (a tweak in your closet might also be involve!).

A glimpse at Spiritual Fashion series topic of Workshop:
A new definition of beauty, the law of resonance, divine feminine icons, the colour spectrum and tweaking your closet.

Upon completion of this program, you will :

  1. Embrace fashion has road self-love

  2. Understand that clothing is intricately link to physical, mental and especially spiritual well-being.

  3. Expand your knowledge on historical, cultural, mainstream style icons influence and trends of our time.

  4. Get more in touch with the subtle side of life -particularly colours- and ultimately your spirituality.

  5. You will passionately believe that clothing can help you live your best life.


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