Under the Sea - Creative Leaps Online Art Class

Under the Sea - Creative Leaps Online Art Class


This is an introductory watercolour painting course in technique of art in mindfulness. This class asks that you carve time for your creative life for a minimum of 5 minutes each day.

This is my only class that has a hard copy of the same name. !

Next Series: February 4-24, 2018
Workshop Cost: $49
Materials Needed: Watercolour paints, paint brush, paper (approx. $15)
Level: Beginner



  • Being added to a Secret Facebook Group of like-minded creative individual
  • I will guide you each day with a subject, inspiration and painting prompt.
  • You will connect with others in the challenge by sharing your journey. Extra's will include unique video session, original lessons & overall artful fun!!

Time investment: do you log in on Facebook at least once a day? Then , there is no reason why you should not do this! Period.

The time is NOW!


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