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The permission slip to be the artist that you are.

Everything changes when I paint. It’s the ritual that keeps on giving.

I use to feel my well of ideas was dry. I knew I loved colours with all my might, and wanted to live a consistent creative life but I didn’t know how to begin or what that looked like. The world felt dull, “blah”. I found myself blasé & disconnected. But at the same time, it felt overwhelming to think about painting everyday. At the time, I had two babies to take care of, a household to clean, bills the pay. For sure this was more important than my creative endeavours, right? And why should it matter anyways?

Art, matters.

So I began challenging myself to paint everyday for 5 days. I could go minimum 1 minute and max 5 minutes- that seemed totally doable. Then 7 more days. Then 21 days. After 21 days, painting everyday felt more like brushing my teeth and less of a chore. Now, this time is non-negotiable. Like magic, the world around me and inside me woke up again! My painting (and my life) became bolder, richer through self-expression I could bring forth what was within me in a safe, fun and accessible way.

creativity is a necessity

I’ve come to believe that creativity is a necessity. That the dishwasher can wait to be loaded, because our imagination can change the world. That your intuition has been waiting years for you to pause and listen to its screams. I also don’t think ‘bad’ art exists- the question of is your art ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is snobbery and silliness. I’ve come to believe that making art builds empathy, vulnerability and exercises courage. That the surest way for my kid to believe in his own gifts of expressions in the world is to assert myself to be a creator of beautiful things in the first place. I need to show up for myself with edge.

It’s showing up for yourself with edge.

The Mindful Art philosophy is that if you are a breathing, living human being: YOU ARE AN ARTIST. It is about starting where you are. It’s about practice and the courage to keep showing up, it’s about reflecting on your work and painting outside the line. It’s practice. Daily watercolour painting is an opportunity to strengthens creativity and practice presence in body and mind. In witnessing and looking at our daily creations we see our life unfolds in front of our very eyes. We open up in new ways. The goal of all this years 21 days is to establish a daily art practice. 

Your brain on art is your brain on yoga.

Your brain on art is your brain on yoga : receptive, in 'flow', child-like, forgiving, lit up! Painting has been shown to calm body and mind, rewire the brain and access peace, joy, _______ ( blank for inserting what YOU want more out of this life, your one life!) .

Are you ready to take the LEAP? 

What is Mindful Art?

Mindful Art is techniques in mindfulness combined with an art medium (in the case of this class watercolour painting). In mindful art, we work on on regulating, re-educating and re-wiring our brains with fun and engaging coursework. 

Plan for your 21 days.

  1. Everyday for 21 days you are given a painting prompt

  2. Everyday for 21 days you paint for 5 minute

  3. Everyday for 21 days you post your art in our secret Facebook group


Mindful Art Class is for you if:

You want to help yourself integrate mental/emotional/spiritual transformation with the aid of painting meditation

  • You are a parent who wants to weave more art, yoga, meditation and spirituality into your daily life.

  • You are a dedicated creative entrepreneur ready to try a new medium ( intuitive watercolours).

  • You are a therapist ready to weave mindful art your clients.

  • You are a elementary or high school teacher nervous about introducing art to your students,

  • You want to be a more present human, parent, teacher, leader, entrepreneur.


  • You want to enhance your EQ ( emotional IQ), empathy and communication skills.

  • You want to meet your ‘people’ a.k.a community of like-minded creativity seekers

  • You are ready (finally) heal old wounds

  • You have an open mind, big heart and curious mind.

Mindful Art Class is not for you if:

  • You are dead set on thinking their is no creative bone in you ( fine! be that as it may…)

  • Want to stay locked in a story of insecurity, holding yourself back, blame or fear around creative living

  • Do not feel the purpose in this life is to awaken and cultivate presence.

  • Are not willing and open to doing deep, inner work to clear old automatic patterns (a.ka.: everything I makes looks like sh*&t)

  • Like to play the “victim”

  • Do not want to open up your sacred channel of self-expresssion, build deep, vulnerable relationships based on connection and truth.

  • Do not want to take risks and challenge yourself to build the life of your dreams.

  • Focus on comparison and what is missing in your life.

  • Are blazé and disconnected from your life.

Upcoming Classes

Each class runs 21 days and is $49. Register for individual classes or for a bundle of 5 for $197.


Praise for Mindful Art

Discovering Estelle’s course offerings has been such a gift. Having completed almost all of the 21 Days of Mindful Art courses (at least once!), I have learned so much about myself. I highly recommend her offerings.
— Lori-Ann Coffin, Halifax Nova Scotia
I have been a student of Estelle’s for YEARS! She has taught me so much about art, spirit and life. Her 21 days of Mindful Art have opened new doors into my creative soul and I cannot thank her enough for how she has encouraged me to embrace myself and become the very best version of me possible.
— Sara Brother, Montague Prince Edward Island
Estelle is magic personified! I’ve done one of her Mindful Art. She is so inspiring. Her heart is full, she accepts the gifts of everyone, and provides meaningful guidance to discover our own creativity and insight. Her honesty and expertise is pure. She makes people want to be better, more accepting versions of ourselves.
— Michelle, Kentville Nova Scotia