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21 Days of Daily Creative Leaps are online mindful art classes for everyone.

The goal: to establish a daily art practice. 

The Creative Leaps philosophy is that if you are a breathing, living human being: YOU ARE AN ARTIST. It is about starting where you are.

Daily watercolour painting is an opportunity to strengthens creativity and practice presence in body and mind. In witnessing and looking at our daily creations we see our life unfolds in front of our very eyes. We open up in new way.

Your brain on art is your brain on yoga: receptive, in 'flow', child-like, forgiving, lit up! Painting has been shown to calm body & mind, rewire the brain and access peace, joy, _______ ( blank for inserting what YOU want more out of this life, your one life!) .

Are you ready to take the LEAP? 

What’s a LEAP?
A leap is a daily creative small act of bravery that requires you to make something out of nothing. Everyday. In my classes, that’s usually challenging yourself to paint with watercolour paints and do it for 21 days in a row.

What is Mindful Art?
Mindful Art is techniques in mindfulness combined with an art medium (in the case of this class watercolour painting). In mindful art, we work on on regulating and re-educating and re-wiring our brains with fun and engaging coursework.


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Discover Your unique expression of soul

For the first 30 years of my life I lived in creative hiding. I didn’t show a painting to anyone. I didn’t tell anyone I painted. Even my closest friends wouldn’t have known. The only way to find out I painted was too come in my apartment or have a glimpse at the colour marks on my fingers.

It took me years of daily painting rituals, mentors and loads of sketchbooks to understand that it was in fact my life that was meant to be a work of art. Only then did the floodgates opened for me. I got it. I’m a masterpiece! Living an artful life was crafted in the stuff of everyday: like putting food on my family’s plate, nursing my plants, putting make-up on, looking at things in new ways and with new eyes.

my life is a work of art.

I know, I know, creativity is one of those terrifying words, isn’t? Creativity seems outside of us, like it’s a faraway thing. When in fact, creativity only means to ‘come forth’ and ‘thrive’ . I believe that feeling of aliveness and physical health is inexplicably tied to your creativity - it’s the best kept secret of our lives! Making art is instinctual- it’s in you! You’ve just forgotten how. In my 21 days of Creative Leaps Mindful Art Class I help you remember. I help you tune in. With care and attention we can open up to the creativity that’s already in our lives.

Painting everyday helped me tapped into the depth of my creativity in ways I never thought possible. Its brought me empowerment, joy and to be honest- inner peace. It’s help me and now I want to help you too.

The best kept secret

When you develop a creative ritual, when you learn to make new paintings everyday with your bare hands, you activate the awareness of beauty inside and outside of you. You heightens your appreciation of life, your exercise courage and risk. Everyday. Painting daily teaches about slowness and process. At the end of the 21 days, you can look at your own effort of bringing beauty into the world- and who wouldn’t want more of that magic potion?



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Creative Leaps Programs


creative leaps Booklet

Painting Under the Sea Booklet

Daily watercolour painting is an opportunity to strengthens creativity and practice presence in body and mind. This creative playbook will take you through 21 days of sea themed painting to get your new practice started. 

This booklet is great for kids and adults alike.

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