Traveling: patience, empathy & discovering what really matters.

Byron Bay Sunset, July 2018

Byron Bay Sunset, July 2018

Bucket list trip last year going to the land down-under with the fam. It was incredible! What a privilege to experience Australia’s magic.

We started out on Stradbroke Island. We decided on the camper life, and while we wish we had brought softer bags ( twas a bit cramp in there) we truly enjoyed every minute of it!

Straddie Island was filled with stunning oceans view, great (kid friendly!) hiking trail, wild kangaroos ( tons!), life-changing beach yoga, and whales, dolphins sighting and jumping (!!) everyday.

My husband loved Australia for it’s surf. Things we do while daddy surfs: Beach Yoga!! Collect shells ! Hug !!
And make memories - wherever we are !

But part of me thinks we often romanticize travelling ( just  like we glamorize motherhood but that’s for another post!)!  Traveling is an exercise in patience, empathy, and discovering what really matters. I wish we treated travelling as formative as schooling - I do want to highlight you do not need to go to Australia to learn all of the above (!!!!) - basically a local camping trip with the fam could potentially ( and most likely) have similar effect!

1) Patience

I often think ones true self is revealed in airports, buses and trains. How do you deal with what’s out of your control in a peaceful manner? Their is always a choice. This is something I especially love teaching Isaiah. Like, “you know bud”, I tell him. “It sucks that we are stuck in a very hot plane right now on the tarmak for more than two hours, but things could be worse! What could we possibly do to entertain ourself?” More so, for anyone who has dealt with their family with jet lag, kudos to that. Patience is a great muscle to build while traveling and CAMPING!

2) Empathy

I love opening Isaiah eyes up to other cultures and how they do things. They’re is an open mindedness and respect for others humans and animals that comes from travelling. Confidence is another aspect of traveling, for him and me that’s heightened! Everywhere he has been he’s had to make new friends, interact with others even if it’s daunting sometimes to talk to new people. Approach new maps, explore new environments, and try our best to walk in others shoes.

3) What really matters
So much is out of your control when you travel. I remember being so hard on myself for being impatient or angry with my boy on that trip. The proximity of everyone sometimes made me irritable and the lack of a schedule- dizzy. But at the end of the day, what really seemed to matter was that we were together and healthy! We had this incredible opportunity to see a corner of the world so different than ours and live that to the fullest, knowing we might never have the opportunity to go back!

We ended our days in Byron Bay, scouting the local scenery and wide beaches!

Side note ****** that as a visual artist, I am enormously influenced by nature and my surroundings. Australia really gave me something to chew (paint) on!

The last sketch is now part of my Magic Journal Collection.

Travelling really does awaken everything for me! And taking pictures of our travels. It brings me back to that exact moment, one years ago, where all was well. It was fleeting, this moment. The time of the timer’s click. A beat. A clap. But it was real. Us, all hugged in. It was pure. It was soft. It was love.

Last night in our Aussie dream

Last night in our Aussie dream

 Love you in adventures & wanderlust, always.

E. xo



Oracle Cards + Yoga= Beauty!


The privilege to use my own Oracle Decks of Cards at my Retreat is pretty... cool!?


But meeting the queens that have decided the embark on this inner journey where imagination and intuition reside is what makes and shapes this experience in its most delicate form.

Love you in trips of a lifetimes and dreams coming true, always.



Softness a transformation


What resonates for me this week is the idea of softness.
To be clear: soft and gentle is where my ( feminine powers)lies.
Softness and gentleness is the way of She Quest.
In many ways, this is what we are trying to wake up!
Rest is where my power lives.
Surrendering is where my power lives.
Where their is softness, their lies the transformation I seek!

That's huge to know in a Western culture that as a rule doesn't reward things that take a rest, or pause or take vacations. We love "busy, busy, busy" because that makes us "important, important, important". Our culture's response is even more skewed when something 'spins out of control' or 'breaks down'. I want to remind you in this check- in that the goal of SHE QUEST is not one for more self- judgment. Instead to simply notice your patterns of thoughts and behaviour with ultimate compassion.

Shakti powers operates in cycles, it 'spins' , 'swirls' and 'spirals' and I find it fascinating that when they feel 'powerless' or 'out of control' it feels just like that “spinning”. . And am like... but THAT'S Shakti powers! It's counter intuitive I know, because life being out of control doesn't seem like a powerful life, but it's the willingness to go there that is. When was the last time you gave yourself the space to truly fall apart? Most of us hide or push our emotions on the sides, in order to deal with the demands of "busy, busy, busy". As a rule, this can only continue for so long before it catches up with you.

In SHE QUEST, power is anchored in self- trust and cultivated from within.
From that stand point, power has nothing to do with money, fame, gender and everything to do with your self-regulating tools to navigate the unknown, a.k.a "spinning out of control". In this program,
we explore compasses such as discussions, journalling, breathing exercises, mantra's, art and yoga.

For example, this is why I love to embody swirls with my hands and that my Instagram is filled with clips of me twirling! This is how I teach my body to embody Shakti's swirl and dance! Last year, our Mindful art exercise for our power (Shakti) week was to paint swirls: you could do some in your journals today if you wish. So when I feel the 'spinning out of control' happen, I go with it, instead of resisting it with all my might. I let myself go to the places i've never let myself go. Best yet, the spinning doesn't feel foreign because i've been there before with my heart at play.

It's simple and complex and it's a life practice to balance the energies of softness and action.
Masculine & Feminine.
Earth & Water.
Fire & Air.
Light & Dark.
Baby steps taking your new definition of power back.

Namaste, questers!
Estelle xo

Answer D

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 9.55.10 PM.png

How did I find myself twirling in Spain?

A) Tommy
B) Picasso
C) Gelato
D) all of the above

It’s a simple fact of life that I wouldn’t be in Barcelona if it weren’t for loosing Tommy. So while I am rapping up an incredible week of leading 12 starlight souls in South of France, I decided to hop over to Spain for a twirl or two.
Grieving Tommy has taught me so much, you know !? First, to never avoid or postpone life. Second, to let yourself go to the depth of your sadness. It’s there that you will find yourself refusing to live small and numb. I always thought sad was dark and depressed but it’s quite the opposite. In this sacred place, I found movement, colours , dance and flow. The dark places inside you are like Picasso’s sacred art : deeply misunderstood, undervalued, offends and revolts the oppressed. And yet, without Picasso the world of art wouldn’t have renewed and exploded like it did.

Third, Tommy has taught me that real grieving never gets stuck, never waits, never hesitates. In that way, Tommy (and Picasso) have made saying “Who does that !? “ not exist.

Real grieving let me see and feel with my whole body (note: not just from the neck up) that life is generous, wide and alive. Its sweet , crunchy and scrumptious to the sense and and I don’t want to be held back- I’ll take two scoops, please!
I’m so proud of my Tinker for teaching me this, you know ? Picasso’s art and gelato are just bonuses.
Answer D) all of the above!

Love you in #tommytinkerforever, always.
E ⭐️

Strawberries and black coffee.


Dear Europe! 🍓 ☕️ ✨
You had me at strawberries and black coffee.
You had me at visions becoming reality and women inspiring the heck out of me.
Like a best friend that keeps me safe and loves me wild. The best, close kind.

This past week, I really could:
BREATHE in your old, old, history.
RELAX in your grandeur.
FEEL the beauty you hold so dear, the details you applaud, the tastes and castles you hold.
WATCH myself accelerated group growth has a student/teacher (same, same). Oh- and ALLOW.
Allow more flow, less doing- more connecting. The real and nowadays forgotten kind -face to face, eyes to eye- looking & listening.
Breath, Relax, Feel, Watch, Allow is perhaps my favourite mantra. I have so many!
BREATHE, RELAX is the easy part.
FEEL, WATCH, ALLOW is the hard part.
What will YOU do to FEEL, WATCH and ALLOW life to unfold today?

By typing something in my comment section you educates, inspires and uplift others to do the same.
Like it’s not so archaic to FEEL life?
It’s necessary.
Love you in extra cold lac jumps and sweet juicy fruits, always.
E. xo

Open and Bendy

✨”Be open and bendy, like fresh growth on the tree. Be malleable and tender, with proficiency in movement. This way, you are able to sit with all that’s insecure, easily destroyed, unfortified, unprotected, and porous. You are unthreatenable because when you’re not afraid of uncertainty, you’ve got nothing to protect. And when you’ve got nothing to protect- your image, illusions, defences- you are supple. This is my preferred strength. Tolerance. How ice cream melts, still delicious. How a field turns into a pond and back again.” ~ @kate_inglis

I recorded this on the first day of my Retreat alone last week and I felt too vulnerable to share it. And then I was reminded by Kate Inglis in « Notes for the Everlost » (read ferociously on the plane) that to act strong is the « fastest way to weakness » and a sure way to be « closed to growth ». Well, then.

This is me.

In my state of uninterrupted release.
Loving you in moving in any way that keeps you from not being frozen, always.
E ⭐️

Wild & tameless motherhood can be

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 9.43.43 PM.png

#TBT to that time I took my two little boys on an 11 hours flight to Hawaii by myself (and thats not counting the first leg either!) 🙃 I didn’t think I was crazy but a lot of people loved telling me so. Sure- going to the bathroom, hydrating, eating and napping- was not an option. People (aka other moms) would often offer me to take one baby so I could shove something in my mouth or pee with one of them on my lap.

On that trip, i went to my first ever Wanderlust Festival which was catalyst in merging creativity & yoga which BTW this is now the cornerstone of all my class/workshops/retreats I offer today. My dad & brother got a heartwarming visit with the little dudes which cut me some slack in return . I have one of my most cherished memory of Tommy on that trip. It’s of us hugging (for a long time!) on a windy and warm sand beach. A lioness with (still) two little cubs. Holding this memory always reminds me of how wild & tameless motherhood can be.

It never occurred to me that it was impossible to travel with babies. Do other animals not travel because of their cubs? We all have different priorities, of course, but for me the pains it takes to get there is always worth the richness and fullness that can be found in travelling the world. It’s always worth it.

To the grand-mother who insisted on taking a picture of us three that morning at 5:30 am - thank you! It’s the only evidence of my lioness crazy during that time.

Yours in keeping and remembering your crazies, always.
E ⭐️ #tommytinkerforever