Super Bitchy Stylish Tips #4

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Super Bitchy Stylish Tip #4

K, here’s the deal.
This weeks tip come all the way back round to the reason why I open this account in the first place: self- freakin’ love.

Your wardrobe is the perfect place to cultivate self-love. But how?

1)Recognize who’s calling the shots!!! Over the years, my inner asshole as told mean, mean things. “You’re too old to wear this” , “ You look too fat, too skinny etc. etc.”. It’s either am too much of something, or not enough of something. What bullshit. I’ve reframe this in: “ How does this outfit makes me FEEL?” Fucking amazing? K, wear that!

2)Recognize your inner asshole (thanks @jenpastiloff for the term!) is not for the faint of heart. This practice is about getting real and authentic about where and who you are right meow! Having a spiritual closet is not about improving who you are, it’s about accepting all of who you are. Whoa!

3)Which leads me to my last point: to forgive yours inner asshole for the years of abusive self- talk. I forgive you, bitch. I know better now. I am allowed to feel incredible in what I wear. I’m allowed to feel like me.

Yours in calling all the shots, always.
Ciao ciao!
E. ⭐️

Super Bitchy Stylish Tips #3

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Super Bitchy Stylish Tip #3
K, here’s the deal.
This weeks tip is a collective call to action.

I implore you to stop saying :

“can I pull this off?

I love this or this but I could NEVER pull this off. “

Instead, can you say:
Do I want to pull this off?

People have told me I am confident and that’s why I wear bold outfits but that ain’t right. I understand not feeling confident in clothes, I have for most of my teenage (the worst) and adult life. But knowing what I love and loving wearing what I love is a completely different ball game- one that helps me emanate my true spark and bring my style game in line with my soul game. “Do i want to pull this off” should be the only thing that matters in deciding what or what not to wear. In the deepest part of you, do you want to pull this off?

Stylish bitches see clothes as a conduit to one highest creative expression.

Tell you best bitches to stop saying “can I pull this off?”

Instead tell them: “Bitch, please.
Do you want to pull this off ?”
Love ya!
E ⭐️ #tinkerbellestyle

Super Bitchy Stylish Tips #2

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Super Bitchy Stylish Tip #2
Self- love & Roses 🥀
Emblems of #tinkerbellestyle

K, here’s the deal.

Walking the path of a spiritual style means being a devotee to seeing and creating beauty wherever I go. This includes my body- without clothes.

Bitchy confession: I work on loving my body every day. In truth, for most of my life, it hasn’t been easy being in it. This is why I became a yoga teacher! This is why I practice being ‘in’ it without fail, every day.

See, I believe that my soul chose this very body to be in. My soul is my love, my light and my truth: My soul also what makes me, ME. My dream outfit is an extension of this light.

As for the rose- a ritual of mine as been to gift myself a rose once a year or so. For no reason at all, I will go to the store and gift myself with this little beauty because I value exactly that: beauty. They say flower can lifts spirits. I believe the right clothes can do the same! Besides, the rose carries the love vibe like no other (symbol of the heart) and help you feel aligned in sacred geometry of all life.

As I move forward with this the idea of Spiritual Fashion, I hope to demystify what it means to value beauty. How paramount it is to know your core values and how will this will critically affect you wardrobe choices (and price tags). In the end, I hope it empowers your self-image while also help you being a conscious shopper.
This week: tell me 3 things you absolutely love about your body!

Bitch, please. The more you love yourself, the more magic you can experience.

Fuck it! And while you’re at it, buy yourself a rose 🥀 this week, too.
Love you and your body, too.
E xo

Super Bitchy Stylish Tips #1

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Super Bitchy Stylish Tip #1
Does this outfit make me feel like myself?

K, here’s the deal.

I believe your clothes affect your mood, your health and your self-confidence (that’s a biggie!). If a stylish bitch spiritual wardrobe is the perfect place to cultivate self- love then why is it that the clothes in your spiritual closet aren’t reflecting that? Which begs the questions, who are you? (that’s a biggie too! )

Just like art, what you wear is an extension of yourself and expressing yourself is empowering and medicinal!

This week, I dare you to throw out one ☝️ (uno, un, ein) piece of clothing that used to be ‘you’ but now isn’t. Take a pic of it, and sent it along so I can post it in my story feed and we can say with you BYE BYE!

And bitch, please..... -I totally get it- It’s hard thing to let go of the frumpy yoga pants (yes, that’s me) or those too small shoes ( all my shoes were too small after I was pregnant!!). Stylish bitches see clothes as a conduit to one’s highest creative expression.

Tell your best bitches, and come on in.
E 🖤

Meet Miss Tink!


🖤 Happy Easter, bitches!

Meet Miss Tink.
Yes, I do own a mannequin.
Yes, she is called Miss Tink.

I love my clothes so much you know(!?) that I think it’s a sin you have to hide most of it in a closet even if that one should be spiritual.

So when I want to linger on the beauty & resonance of a particular piece- I get her out there and froth 🤤

I’ve been bubbling with passion putting super secret content out for you. Tips & tricks to make your clothes powerful agent that sings Beyoncé to your soul. Talking stars- in the 🖤 story highlight will features famous bitches you know and love talking about why you should consider tapping into your inner bitchy superstar when dressing in the morning. But I also want to feature my biggest and most famous fashion spirit animal: YOU.

I want to know- for YOU, personally- in what outfit do you thrive? Please comment me your pictures and a one or two sentences answer. If the idea of being features on my story feed scares you shitless, this is a grand and wonderful indication that you should definitively send it to me ASAP. If you don’t know what clothes make you thrive, this is a fucking great opportunity to ask yourself that question.

Dude, we LIVE in our clothes.
Better start waking up to their power.
Your bitchy bitch, always.
E ⭐️ #tinkerbellestyle