Self-care revisited



When I choose self-care, I choose the life I want. 

I don’t think of self- care or “me time” solely as going on a retreat or having a massage or time for a hot hot bath any longer (although these things are extra nice).

I’ve begun to see self care has the thing I least want to do.

Self-care is saying yes to the life that as chosen me.

Its saying no to the things that make me feel crappy.

It’s answering the call of what excites me the most.

Its taking my power back in small increments.

It’s pressing the 3 P’s button: Permission. Passion. Peace. 

Every single one of these goddesses chose unapologetic realness that week back in France. Do you need to go to France to find this!? No! Soul connection comes from within and needs no external treatment. But France did bring expansion and release, because traveling to another country will do this to anyone.

Yes, I’ve started seeing self-care in letting go of that which no longer serves me (food, habits, thought patterns). Reframing my limiting beliefs “people like me don’t do that “ “am not good enough” to “screw it am doing it anyways!”. ( I mean who said these things to your subconscious anyways???)

Look, self-care is letting yourself engage with the world the way you were meant to engage with the world. And that’s where your giant lives! 

Basically, being on SHE Quest is loving a life you don’t not want to escape from... ever! 

Yours in goddesses as giants, always.

E ⭐️ 


This ‘her’ is me.

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 9.59.27 PM.png

⚡️When Tommy passed, the only way to survive was standing outside myself. My heart ached for the woman who had lost her son. I waited and ached for her lost. And that was the real tragedy- that this ‘her’ was me. This most turbulent time pierced through me like lightening. And for a very, very long time I waited for the thunder.

When I went to France alone two years ago- I entered soul time. The Greeks call it ‘kairos’ time. I kept joking that in another life, I lived here but I secretly believe it. In France, I remembered who I was, serendipity was at every stone street corner. I felt anchored, but from a heart place. And finally, I could hear THUNDER! I could hear it and feel it, rumbling in me. It’s here that I understood that I needed to root, land and wait before rising.

And for the first time, I was finally and boldly able to look right back at this ‘her’. Gaze hard. Wink. Blink. Remember. This her was ME. Thunder.

On the plane ride back I vowed to bring a group back- I want them too, to experience kairos time.

35 days until I go back to my beloved France. 6 days still for you to sign-up and meet me there.

Come for the name of wonder and awe.
Lightning and Thunder.
Come for ‘her’. Love you,
E ⭐️

Open and Bendy

✨”Be open and bendy, like fresh growth on the tree. Be malleable and tender, with proficiency in movement. This way, you are able to sit with all that’s insecure, easily destroyed, unfortified, unprotected, and porous. You are unthreatenable because when you’re not afraid of uncertainty, you’ve got nothing to protect. And when you’ve got nothing to protect- your image, illusions, defences- you are supple. This is my preferred strength. Tolerance. How ice cream melts, still delicious. How a field turns into a pond and back again.” ~ @kate_inglis

I recorded this on the first day of my Retreat alone last week and I felt too vulnerable to share it. And then I was reminded by Kate Inglis in « Notes for the Everlost » (read ferociously on the plane) that to act strong is the « fastest way to weakness » and a sure way to be « closed to growth ». Well, then.

This is me.

In my state of uninterrupted release.
Loving you in moving in any way that keeps you from not being frozen, always.
E ⭐️


CLICK ON IMAGE TO REGISTER!! Only PRE-REGISTERED yogini's will be accepted.

CLICK ON IMAGE TO REGISTER!! Only PRE-REGISTERED yogini's will be accepted.

FEMININE MAGIC is a FULL-day retreat for women *ONLY* on Sunday July 23rd  from 9am-5pm. This innovative workshop is guided by Estelle Thomson and hosted by the quaint Cow Bay Hall.

This retreat is design to help you find tangible, yogic and artistic ways to rise into your full potential as a woman. I created it specifically for all the yogini's i know; for all the mermaids, embodied mothers and makers of ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL. 

Spend the day immersed in feminine mystique, sacred circles, mantra meditation, goddess flow yoga class, self-exploration in workbook (designed by Estelle herself) and ALL art supplies needed during the experience (including paint, brushes and 16x20 canvas). 


9am- 10 am: Sacred Circle. invoking the Goddess, visualization & mantra meditation. Self- exploration question in our new FEMININE MAGIC journals.

10h00- 11h30 am: Feminine MAGIC FLOW Yoga Class~  Lotus Mudra Sequence

11h30am- Noon Sacred Circle,  Pranayama for embracing power & sacred card game.

Break - NOON - 1 pm PICNIC at Rainbow Haven's Beach ( weather permitting) with a lunch catered by EnVIE ( this is included in the price of your workshop!) 

1pm :  Watercolour

~Base coat on our canvas  ( for acrylic project) & Group Project galore!

~  Painting our Goddesses (inspired by the Kuan Yin Cards, no art experience needed) 

~Sketching, Light/ Dark/ Let dry to more self-exploration,  INK on painting 

2pm ACRYLIC Layering Technique 

3:30 pm more self-exploration journal as we let dry.  

Intention banner making as we move forward. 

4:00 PM -4:30PM Second MAGIC FLOW CLASS

4:30 pm- 5pm Sacred Feminine Magic Closing Circle. 

Join me for a groundbreaking DAY.

 PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY for 20 lucky mademoiselles