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Jessie Redmond Photography

Jessie Redmond Photography

“Personal Style comes from within. It's when the woman, her individuality and spirit come through. She uses clothes to express who she is and how she feels.”
- Donna Karan

Spiritual Fashion, what? Clothes is a material thing, right? Now that’s a back handed offering if I’ve ever seen one! *Loud Buzzing Sound* Think again.

You wear clothes every day of your life. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday… Sunday : You were clothes! You wake up, look at your closet and you choose something to put on your body. What you choose to wear has repercussion on your body, mind, spirit ( i.e: YOUR WELL-BEING) for: all day!

Your relationship with clothing is quite personal and intimate. What you wear carries something of your personality and essence. You dress practically for your work, dressy to go out, sporty for exercise. Your clothing determines the first impression you give others. It speaks about you and you spirit before you utter anything. Am i right?

It is no secret that I love clothes. In fact, I am an avid fashion lover. A self- care date involve sipping a latte while reading ( yes, actually reading it) Vogue or a trip to my most favourite local boutique chasing the best new arrivals.

It is a secret, however, that back in my early twenties, I wanted to be a fashion designer. Whether I’ve encounter some major fashion faux- pas or cut up legging crisis ( and I guess we shall never know thanks to pre- social media era) - fashion has always been an important channel for creative self-expression. Fashion has help strengthen my identity ( most likely because of said bold moves and faux pas’s!). Since then, my relationship to clothing has evolved fluidly with the staged of my life.

“Clothing is a multifaceted part of our lives that can help us find confidence, power, and joy.”
- Elizabeth Suzann


Introduction @tinkerbellestyle first ever Spiritual Fashion Workshop October 3rd.

Introduction to Spiritual Fashion is part eye-opening discussions on Spiritual Fashion (see topics below) and part easy-does-it introspection practice. Expect theory but also explore brave and intuitive rituals in painting and journaling (a tweak in your closet might also be involve!).

A glimpse at Spiritual Fashion series topic of Workshop:
A new definition of beauty, the law of resonance, divine feminine icons, the colour spectrum and tweaking your closet.

Upon completion of this workshop, you will :

  1. Embrace fashion has road self-love ( the start of it, anyways!)

  2. Understand that clothing is intricately link to physical, mental and especially spiritual well-being.

  3. Expand your knowledge on historical, cultural, mainstream style icons influence and trends of our time.

  4. Get more in touch with the subtle side of life -particularly colours- and ultimately your spirituality.

  5. You will passionately believe that clothing can help you live your best life.

Estelle’s will also bring her Spiritual Closet for you to shop in!

See you there, bitches!


Inspiration is a myth.

Carolina Andrade Photography

Carolina Andrade Photography

Inspiration does not come like a bolt, nor is it kinetic, energetic, striving, but it comes to us slowly and quietly and all the time, though we must regularly and everyday give it a little chance to start flowing, prime it with a little solitude and idleness. -Brenda Ueland 

How much do you like this quote ?! This is seriously the best kept secret of all time. There is this big taboo around quote-on-quote “creative” people. People think it’s easy for us (also the ‘us’ and ‘them’ drives me insane too but that’s for another post!). That surely they (the creative ones) have more time, space and money to do what they love. That ‘I’ and ‘them’ get inspired daily because I was miraculously born sparkly like that. This sort of thinking drives me nuts.  That I was just born like that. Pardon me? I maintain my creative force by… are you ready to hear it? Well, by working on it ALL. THE. TIME.

Everyday, I make sure I write or I paint or I make something - EVERYDAY. For me, I know 30 minutes of yoga and 30 minute of painting is ideal and realistic. On the days I think I failed, I widen my lens - I am reminded that I’ve cooked for my family today (putting a meal together is very creative!) or watered my plants (well, I have one right now!! It was however, a very meditative minute).

Inspiration is not one major ‘ah-a’ or lightening bolt that will fall by the will of grace to you if you are lucky. Dude, it’s like many mini ones. Read all about my Mindful Art philosophy HERE.

Yours in lightning bolt and joie-de-vivre, always.



Non-negotiable: Journalling & Mark- Making

Source: @juliacameronlive

Source: @juliacameronlive

I call bullshit on individuals who claim they cannot “journal”. As my best friend Julia Cameron writes: “If you can’t think of anything to write, then write “I can’t think of anything to write”.

Mark-making is also well under- utilized as a self-inquiring tool for personal growth.

It’s this black and white philosophy that 89% of our planet hold, that one of “I am not creative type”, “not for me” and the “how would I even go about this” thats led me to create my free guide to creative liberation. “Marks & Doodles” which btw, you can find it as a permanent instalment on my website here:


Journalling and Mark-Marking are really you, healing in motion.

Available to you in this permission, on your pages, a brain dump! And when you cannot put words to it, you can surely put marks to it! It’s a powerful thing to see your life on paper, to let it unfold in all it’s wonder and imperfection. Right, Sark?

Source: @sarkilife

Source: @sarkilife

This is surely why I have created my own line of Journals and Portfolios!


I love my Estelle Thomson Art Permission Slip inscribed inside!

Let this journal be the roots

Let it help me grow.

Let it remind me that I loved.

Let it rip my heart wide open.

Between these pages, anything I want can be released

Why am i scared?

Why do i hide?

It’s now or never.

Show up. Be Loud.

I am ready to feel awake and alive, but from inside.

I understand that self-love requires self-work.

Let this journal witness to my words, stories, doodles, sketches, and paintings.

Bringing forth, whats within me:

I write.

I tell my story.

I doodle.

I sketch.

I paint.

And this will change my life and the world.


Yours in healing, always.


p.s: When you join SHE QUEST or THE LOVE PROJECT or YOGA MENTORSHIP or any of my on-site training you get a journal for free!

Rap it!

Source : Unknown

Source : Unknown

If you can call yourself human then you can call yourself an artist.

Also why self-expression is medicinal!!

Also why making art builds empathy, vulnerability and exercises courage!!

I am this close to making a rap song that repeats these lyrics over and over again: yo yo yo its in your DNA to make beautiful things!! Can you hear it? Bahahahahahaha I can.

Making art pulls you closer to your humanity and divinity.
Come to mama and tell me what you made todayyyyy!!!!!

Yours in creativity as a necessity, always.
E ⭐️

P.S: more on my Mindful Art philosophy HERE.

Oracle Cards + Yoga= Beauty!


The privilege to use my own Oracle Decks of Cards at my Retreat is pretty... cool!?


But meeting the queens that have decided the embark on this inner journey where imagination and intuition reside is what makes and shapes this experience in its most delicate form.

Love you in trips of a lifetimes and dreams coming true, always.



Abracadabra magic of it all.

Jessie Redmond Photography

Jessie Redmond Photography

✨ In University, I took a summer long Ceramic elective (my major was Psychology but all my electives where art!). It was the hardest medium I’ve ever tried. I didn’t have the patience. I hated the mud in my nails and how things would just crumble and fall.

The other day, doing my home practice, it dawns on me how my body was like the sculptor’s stone or that stubborn clay I used that summer.

There’s a quote from sculptor Tony Angell that resonated with this: “Because of its shape, color, pattern and hardness, the stone has its own story to tell. Only when I understand this can I remove the non-essentials and begin to liberate the form within.”

My life has its own story to tell. This is the Abracadabra magic of it all. The story you tell yourself has the power to manifest into reality. Will I let it or fight with it? Will I remove piece by piece, cut by cut all the non-essential materials and begin? Can I get out my own way? Magic doesn’t require anyone to intervene on your behalf, give you permission, prove something or (low and behold) have a degree. We have it somewheres buried in us to lean into our weaknesses and reframe those into our strengths. For me, that’s what it means to live life triumphantly.

Magic is stepping into the story’s mystery day after day. Let its secrets and sparkles unfold through us. Don’t you see? Magic isn’t an event, it’s a muscle!

At the end of summer, I did get an A in that summer class. Not because ceramic was my ‘thing’ but because I tried and tried hard I did. And just like sculpting- that’s the only thing that life – and yoga – wants. That you try!

Love you in abracadabra’s, always.
E. ⭐️

Fuck it, I take it back!

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 9.47.20 PM.png

Holy Shit!!!! 😭😭😭😭
It took me two hours of shooting time to make this massive butterfly painting with my body, fingers, toes and oh- brushes sometimes! Which btw, two hours prior I had no idea I was to make a butterfly .

The point of the last shoot for #TommyTinkerForever was easy.
1) pour paint all over my body
2) not make it look like brown blob of shit (swipe left for before / after outfit shot). Finished, the producer looked over it- still drying- and I still covered with paint in places you never ever want to have paint and casually asked me if they could hang it at the CBC!?

And I said to him instantly: « Absolutely NOT!! dude, I’ve LAID on it!!! This isn’t my best work.
Last night, on my way to the Creators Network Party at the CBC- I shut my own mouth. Was I ever so glad they persisted and didn’t listen to me. I was completely moved.

Like that song you put on repeat.
Like surfing the best wave of your life.
Like holding your baby for the first time.

And I was reminded of this quote by my teacher Francis Weller : « many works of art are not pretty, but they are powerful and touch us in a deep way. Coming to our experiences with an appreciation for its dark beauty opens us to seeing it in a vastly different light. It invites curiosity and even affection. »

To my son Tommy for helping me see the beauty in the not so pretty and for the power of art & story to making me see it in a completely different light.

And fuck it, I take back.
This is the best work of my life.
Love you in acts of bravery, always.

E ⭐️

‘Innovation In Storytelling’

I was over at @cbcns last week for a Q and A session in ‘Innovation In Storytelling’ and it dawn on me that I had never publicly thank these guys for the hard, hard work put in on #TommyTinkerForever

For Ken on the right, who pitch the idea to me in the first-place writing, and I quote, that the Grief Project was “the most powerful thing I`ve seen” and for Dave on the left who’s spent hours and days filming, editing content, going through old ipads of mine (lord only knows what he must have found on there 🙊). Both being all around awesome, trustworthy and encouraging in my steep learning curve of writing scripts, visuals and choosing outfits and music for TV. 

But it was so refreshing for all of us- them not having to think of news & current affairs for a split of a second and I to team up with passionate individuals with an undeniable thirst for life and a real desire to tell stories (mine) with a BAM. 💥 

As we were closing the Q & A session, the presenter highlighted the magic felt in our project could be sense from our team just sitting there. I felt a pang of thanks. She was so right.

Go Team! 👊🏼✨
E. xo
N.b: Please note that this picture was taken by @jessieredmondphoto who’s butterfly visual imagery were instrumental in the making of Tommy’s doc! 😘 love you Jess

A little darkness to get you going

Jessie Redmond Photography

Jessie Redmond Photography

I know, you never intended to be in this world.
But you’re in it all the same.
So why not get started immediately.
I mean, belonging to it.
There is so much to admire, to weep over.
And to write music or poems about.
Bless the feet that take you to and fro.
Bless the eyes and the listening ears.
Bless the tongue, the marvel of taste.
Bless touching.
You could live a hundred years, it’s happened.
Or not.
I am speaking from the fortunate platform
of many years,
none of which, I think, I ever wasted.
Do you need a prod?
Do you need a little darkness to get you going?


When Tommy left, I found solace in Mary Oliver poetry, over & over again. I would paint her words on canvases, read then in yoga classes- glimpse at them upon waking/before going to bed . In consequence- I got to know and believe that my world wasn’t falling apart- it was transitioning, it was recalibrating.

She helped me see that darkness was indeed a gift. Read that again. “Do you need a little darkness to get you going?”. She’s helped me understand & enhance so much of my world; the dance of dualities, nature, love & loss.

One of favourite, and highlighted in Ep. 5 of #tommytinkerforever @cbcnsDocumentary: « Are you just breathing a little and calling it a life? » 

But perhaps, and most importantly - her essays - which didn’t only tell me, make that ORDERED me to always give power & time to my art for if not, I would die inside. 

I’ll listen Mary! 
For time is eternal. 
From the bottom of mine and Tommy’s truth, thank you. 
E ⭐️ 

2018, I loved you

Jessie Redmond Photography

Jessie Redmond Photography

Dear 2018. 🦋 

Thank you for teaching me that nothing is ever in control. That nothing is ever safe or perfect. Nothing! When I truly took that in, it seemed like the obvious thing to do was to lie down in the grass. Do nothing. 

In 2018, I did that a lot. I laid there sometimes with flowers, sometimes with butterflies. I let myself feel dangerously free. I bathed in stillness and solitude and realized how thirsty I was for both. I welcomed shame and fear. Hey old buddies! Come along now, we got some creating, traveling and shinning to do. 

On the grass, my darlings, your magic is deep inside. You honour the butterflies humming’s instinct of being human.

So terrified.

So bold.

So rogue. 

2018, I loved you. 
2019, I am ready for you. 👊🏼✨
The best: @jessieredmondphoto