Love that mindfulness is such a mainstream word these days.

Coined by the beloved author, Sharon Blackie, “BODYFULLNESS” - which I personally hope becomes common language too, someday!

We are not just a mind now, are we?

To put it simply, I am happier when I move. I think better. My brain is in less of a fog. My vision is sharper. I am less on edge. By the time I finish my dance-off, I am reinvigorated. The more I dance, the more I see that they’re is dance in everything.

I’ve been loving incorporating the dance breaks within my slower more meditative yoga practice too. I get so serious you know?

Tuesday dance off at your place, k?

Love you in cultivating bodyfullness, always.

E xo

Where does magic live ?

Where does magic live?

Suspended, on a swing.

In sunlight, moonlight.

In dusty books and a light switch.

In the first bite, first sip, first kiss.

In open fields, water, crossy roads and ditches.

In stretched out lungs, held up by wind

I take life too seriously

When in the end, magic lives

Suspended, on a swing

Perhaps a hidden dream,


What’s already in.

written by me, your muse-fairy.

Love you!

E. xo


Happy with my Body

💃 Why is it that we celebrate by dancing only at Weddings? Parties? Why is it that when my son is happy- he is happy with his whole body? Why am I just happy with my face?

Being in my body has often felt unsafe, gross, numb at times. I have dissociated with it too many times to count.
For this and other malaise- I suggest shaking therapy! Twirling medicine. Stretching all over and screaming in a pillow. Move with no one telling you how or when or why to move. Do it to celebrate this body you’ve been given. This one chance. This one life.

If all else fails: I suggest laying down with a dog a cat or a heavy blanket and sigh and purr.

The body is SO much older than your brain. The body wants you to feel good. Will you let it?
Don’t wait for your next wedding to celebrate, k?
Tuesday Kitchen Dance party at your house in 5!
Tag me in your best mooooooves!!! Love you
E. ⭐️

Where I feel held, I feel the world.

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 9.37.40 PM.png

Shhhhhhhh Sneaked out of teaching my Retreat to follow this obsession.

I first found Aerial Yoga here in Nosara, Costa Rica. It was awesome to meet the same teacher who had taught ME my first class 3 years ago and tell her how much I had been inspired by her class and her guidance in telling me the right gear to get etc. It’s been a freedom outlet to have a passion project. Many of you have asked when I’ll start teaching Aerial and right now my answer is I don’t know if I’ll ever teach! Can I just practice every day only for the JOY of it? Heck yes. Share it because I get moved by it and it moves me (quite literally). When am on that sling
I feel free.
I feel safe.
I feel held.

Where I feel free, I meet Tommy.
Where I feel safe, I feel me.
Where I feel held, I feel the world.
What makes me feel alive, heals me.
What makes you feel free? Do that.
For no reason at all but JOY.
Your part-time fairy, always.
E ⭐️

The Love Project

Jessie Redmond Photography

Jessie Redmond Photography

If you haven’t watched the TommyTinkerForever Documentary yet- I forgive you! I forgive you because it took my 4 years to realize that grieving was in fact loving. That my grief project was really my love project. That writing about my baby’s loss was really sharing my love for him! I love him a lot, you know?

I couldn’t have picked a better day for this announcement ❄️ the Winter Solstice 🌞 - to share with you I am renaming the Grief Project …  the LOVE Project. After all, it’s purpose as always been about a return to light, seeking it, drinking it, making it. 

Grief = Love.

That’s some paradoxical yoga upside down stuff I tell ya ; ) 
Love you in loss & love,always. E. xo