I feel broken too

I’m not perfect and i’m allowed to help other people at the same time.
Am not afraid to say it- I’m a major work in progress!
You know, not everything in my life worked out as it should. If it did, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And today I was thinking on how okay I was with who I am today 😭🌱💕

Let it be clear that I teach people how to feel full because I feel broken too. I teach art&yoga because I need it the most.
Knowing I am not perfect, i invite a life of mighty growth and acceptance because I know inside me co-exist:

Broken and full.
Hopeful and suffering.
Joyous and angry.
Creation and destruction.
Full spectrum living requires you to start showing up for your life with edge.TODAY.
Bring forth what’s within you with passion and gusto.
Arms wide open.
As you are.
Eyes close, feeling everything.
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Yours in open arms, always.
E. xo

Lens by my girl @jessieredmondphoto