Are angels are near?

Do you believe in magic? ✨

It was a dreamy and stupidly hot Nova Scotia summer day and I was off to my first ever meeting with the CBC for the #TommyTinkerForever Documentary. I was in a rush dropping Isaiah off. Has I stepped in the car, I saw a grey feather on my path. I picked it up and looked at it for a long time. It lingered in my hand to then find its way the dashboard of the car. I was late yet picked up my phone and Googled “meaning of feather in your path”. The first thing I saw in bold letters: WHEN FEATHERS APPEARED, ANGELS ARE NEAR. Shivers cut through the humidity and I couldn’t help but laugh/cry alone in my car.

I don’t want to believe this stuff, and then sometimes it’s too much. I could choose to step on the feather and not think twice, not pick it up- be asleep for the little wonders . Or I can choose to look, listen, pick it up and do a little research.

On my way to the CBC that morning, I knew the project was way WAY way bigger than me.
Have you had moments like this in your life? Moments of synchronies and signs you can’t un-see. Tell me your synchronicity stories!!!

Love you in waking up to the magic all around, always.
E. ⭐️ Nb: TommyTinkerForever is being watched at Dalhousie University Nursing School, Psychologist Offices and in my Love Project Workshop.

WAY bigger than me 😭❤️
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